Since its inception in 1979, the firm has gone from strength to strength to become the reputed law practice that it is considered today. The firm has come a long way since its initial days to be frequently entrusted with matters which involve great complexity and are of significant commercial importance. Even the face value of the work commissioned to the firm has increased multifold. Among other things, we frequently advice and appear on behalf of clients in matters relating to resolution of corporate and commercial disputes, transactions relating to real estate and construction, the incidence of taxes and the protection of proprietary, statutory and constitutional rights.

Central to the success of the firm is its effort to ensure that our client’s receive a well rounded legal advice, one that protects their interests in light of all the applicable laws. For this, it is a fundamental requirement for our lawyers to remain updated on all the relevant laws that affects a particular business in Pakistan. It is for this reason, that the firm has a core policy of having a good command on the overall law as opposed to considering itself a specialist in a particular field. This is achieved by applying the individual expertise of our lawyers to work in concert to provide the best possible services to our clients.

At the same time, we believe in working with our clients and their professionals to build up on our knowledge and experience of their sector to provide them with a cost and time efficient legal advice. In addition to that, we are frequently invited by other top tier and reputed law firms in the city to collaborate and/or render assistance on various issues of legal importance. The firm has successfully blended experience of its older members with the talent, raw intelligence and energy of its ‘rising stars’ in the form of a team comprising of three partners, six associates and four members of the supporting staff; whose untiring efforts are duly reflected in the success that our practice has enjoyed over the years.

In addition to the above, our firm strongly believes in giving something back to the community. Our firm, having a long history of public service has seen its former lawyers go on to become public prosecutors and district court judges. Additionally, the partners and the associates frequently collaborate with newly established and deserving non-profit organizations (doing good work) to ensure that their initial lack of finance does not cause them any legal hindrance.

Internally, the firm has adopted policies to ensure that the practice offers a friendly and a nurturing environment for its members to succeed. The firm encourages diversity in its policy of hiring new personnel to ensure that there is no discrimination on the basis of their gender, ethnicity, caste or religion. The firm also takes pride in the countless initiatives it has taken to make the practice more environmentally conscious. In this regard, efforts have been maximized to ensure that there is no unnecessary wastage of paper and that whatever paper is used is duly recycled.

Further, whenever any electrical equipment within the office needs replacing, it is ensured that it is replaced by an energy efficient alternative regardless of the extra cost. An investment that has also been rewarded in the form of reduced overhead costs.

Clientele Of The Firm

Some of the more prolific clients of the firm are as follows:

Multinationals & International Clients

Leading Businesses

Education and Welfare Institutions